English teacher

Teaching English is something fun, and gorgeous. I am a student in the Department of English. But I am interested in teaching English to my sisters and my brother or my friends. I know that teaching is not easy. I make some mistakes, whether in reading or writing or to explain the grammar, but I'm very happy that my teacher, Miss-Yasmeen Bassas, supported me and told me that I would become a good English teacher. I am so excited that I will become a teacher after 3 years.


  1. I'm happy to read this. Hopefully you can also inspire others to do the same. You will be an asset to your students and your country. Miss Yasmeen is right, you'll be a good English teacher. I hope that I'll be able to see you teach.

  2. i hope see you hanoo when you teach students , i am really excited . thats my future also , inshallah